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We Ask Important Questions

Ones that will stop you and make you really think, shift what you believe is possible, and even change the way you live, work and feel.

We provide business coaching and leadership development mentoring to individuals, young aspiring accountants, leaders, teams and business owners.


“Initially I was anxious and not fully aware of the coaching process. Aidan immediately put me at ease. Through working with Aidan I was able to self reflect, identify personal development areas that I needed to prioritise and develop an action plan to improve. I plan to reach out to Aidan in the future to access my progress and help me work on the next priority areas.”

Conor, Pfizer

“Aidan’s coaching was extremely effective and provided an excellent platform to truly assess your career to date, your key strengths & weaknesses and what your really want from your career. Aidan’s insightful commentary and unique style allows you to come to conclusions about your work and management style that you may not have considered. It ultimately leads you to making impactful changes that makes you a more efficient and stronger leader.”

Ann, Pfizer

“Aidan’s business experience is an excellent blend with his coaching. It meant I got a combination of life and business based coaching.”

Trish, Glanbia

“Thank you Aidan for all the help you have given me during our sessions, ultimately I made it to the final interview and got the job I wanted. Excellent coaching!!!!”

Eugenio, eBay

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