Why choose
Courage Coaching?

Our clients often describe our coaches as warm and insightful, gentle but focused, with great practical business experience and an ability to ask insightful questions that rekindle awareness. Integrity. Period.

No hype or big sales pitches. We believe good coaching sells itself and we stand behind our work.

Behind the name

Like a lighthouse navigates the way for ships and encourages them to carry on with their journey, business coaching keeps you on track in your career and guides you on your path.

Sometimes ships can get lost at sea or not realise they are lost as we do in our careers. A lighthouse ensures they are back on the right course and gives them the courage to carry on.

A lighthouse, like coaching provides clarity to the journey or career, alleviates any of the client’s fears and encourages them to continue in their career with courage and confidence to become great leaders.

Making meaningful changes in our lives can be tough when
we try to do it all by ourselves.

We can help.

Aidan Flynn, executive coach is owner & founder of Courage Coaching.

Aidan is an experienced executive coach with over 30 years experience of working with multi nationals in the technology, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. He also is a qualified Lean Sigma Black belt and a Chartered Management Accountant.

Aidan is warm & supportive but is also very solution orientated with a relentless focus on continuous improvement for the leaders he coaches to be more aware of their strengths, take ownership for their careers and achieve the goals to make them better leaders for tomorrow’s faster world.

Sinéad Doherty, executive, life and business coach and Mum of three.

Sinéad worked in the technology sector for almost 20 years as a leader, director of support, process improvement and learning and development. Her passion is for people and how they can individually and in teams achieve success and a sense of internal peace and fulfilment.

Coaching individuals, Sinéad is supportive and challenging, working with clients to remove any obstacles as they grow and work on their life and career aspirations. Coaching teams, Sinéad looks at how to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. She focuses on how to build trust and collaboration within teams and create an environment where individually people are working on their strengths and leveraging the strengths of others to achieve even greater outcomes.

Sinéad brings experience, drive, intuition and kindness to her interactions as she works with individuals and companies to grow and achieve success.

James McGill, career and executive coach with 10 years experience.

James has had a 30 year career in large corporations with roles in customer service, sales, operations
and finance. He has held several regional and global leadership roles that have provided great opportunities
to build business acumen and organisational insight.

As a coach, James is passionate about coaching the whole person, supporting clients in working on their goals
and challenges with an empathetic and curious style. He enjoys creating a safe environment for his clients so that
they are comfortable to explore and reflect deeply. In helping to raise self-awareness many benefits can be seen in
relationships, professional achievement and fulfilment.

We start with introductory 30 minute session to get a sense if the chemistry is right between the coach and the client as trust is the most important element of any coaching arrangement and needs to be there for both the coach and the client. Normally this session is over the phone or via Skype or Zoom.

Once we agree to proceed with the coaching we will ask the client to sign a small coaching agreement outlining the responsibilities of the coach and the client, ethical guidelines and all legal data requirements such as GDPR.

Normally we would have between 4 – 6 sessions for an hour but we are flexible on time and will always meet the clients needs. These sessions may be in person over the phone or video link. What ever is most comfortable for the client. However we personally prefer to meet in person…

Coaching is an active partnership that you control. It is always focused on what’s most important to you, and we find the most natural way to help you make the breakthroughs you want. We work quickly to help you get clear on the best outcome, create a plan, develop priorities, and then begin to close the gap.

We charge €175 for a one hour session for our personal clients. But we also offer a competitive priced 4 session pack for €600.

For business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives who benefit from more frequent or longer calls – and specific business, management and leadership support including team building and full day events are quoted individually.

All our pricing is exclusive of vat.

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