Coaching is a service that promotes and delivers expanded self-awareness, personal responsibility and empowerment leading to motivated and focused self-directed positive actions and behaviours resulting in desired progressive changes in peoples’ lives.

As such, though our Coaches will facilitate all of the above with their coaching skills, tools and techniques, all and every choice and decision made by you as a result of your coaching sessions, is solely your responsibility. our Coaches will not, at any time, seek to impose their views overtly or otherwise and will not instruct nor direct you to take any actions. Our Coaches may offer suggestions or options from time to time that will be in line with your options on the understanding that you will only follow through with them if you can take ownership of them.
You may ask about, and our Coaches may suggest, an amount of sessions that might be required, to allow you to achieve your goals or outcomes, but you will always have the right and responsibility to determine the ending of the coaching relationship, notwithstanding Courage Coaching own rights to end the coaching sessions should our Coaches determine that it is no longer professional or safe to continue.

As you would expect, our coaching sessions are completely confidential, although of course subject to our constitutional laws which require knowledge of any unlawful activity to be reported to the relevant authorities and includes the danger of harm to self or others. Any and all written information connected to the content of your sessions and all our communications relating to this contract will be dealt with in accordance with the guidelines under the GDPR outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Coach Accreditation
Courage Coaching required to log your email address (or mobile number) as well as the number of sessions completed, start and end dates, for the coach accrediting body our Coaches are affiliated to (International Coach Federation (ICF) for verification. The ICF will randomly contact a small amount of my clients for this purpose only. No further information will be sought by ICF and your email address will not be used for any other purpose.